100% Natural

We use and source only the best natural ingredients for our products

VEGAN Friendly Against Animal Testing

Skin Clays live by strong ethics towards business, nature and animal cruelty.

Community Trade

We believe in empowering our communities with job creation and sustainable living.

The Skin Clays Story

Centuries ago, man first observed that animals, either wounded or with skin conditions, would instinctively roll in clay and muddy watering holes.

By doing so, these animals would naturally heal themselves and avoid life-threatening infections and diseases.

The conclusion was simple: clay has healing properties. Healers began to identify the effects of the various clays and would create medicinal clay mixtures.

These mixtures had numerous benefits to humans. Some mixtures were used to heal a variety of wounds, some could draw out poisons, whilst others would be used on their faces to beautify and lighten the skin.