Guest Speaker & Cooking Demo

Guest Speaker & Cooking Demo

  • R 1,500.00

Planning an event and looking for a guest speaker along with some cooking  entertainment for your guests.

1 Hour Presentation includes:

  • Himalayan Salt Introduction
  • Different types of salt and salt tasting: Table salt / Himalayan Salt / Kala namak (Black Salt)
  • Comparison of Himalayan Salt to Normal table salt including health benefits
  • Importance of Purified Water and Minerals. Sole'
  • Different Himalayan Salt additions to the Kitchen: Chopping Board / Mortar & Pestle / Salt Bowls / Salt Glasses / Cooking Blocks / Serving Tiles
  • Demonstrate Salt Blocks as flavour enhancers used at room temp
  • Using Salt Blocks as Weights and Curing
  • Salt Block Heating methods: Oven / Gas / Electric Plate / Heavy Based Pan / Fire / Grill. Food Demos
  • Frozen Salt Block. Food Demos
  • End with Tastings 

Presentation done by Liezel Maree, Author Himalayan Salt Cooking, By Salty Sistas