Salt Block 20x20x5cm Square

Salt Block 20x20x5cm Square

  • R 375.00

Himalayan Salt cooking block 20x20x5cm or 8x8x2" are perfect for cooking on and will give you many years of cooking pleasure when looked after correctly.

Flavourful and beautiful, these slabs are an exciting new way to cook and serve with salt! Every Himalayan Cook / Chop Salt Slab - Block comes with beautiful box packages + caring instruction + brochure. 

Himalayan salt blocks, rounds and bricks are nature's cook top and serving platter in one, offering many creative culinary uses while delivering the benefits of natural, pure salt with no chemicals or additives. Heat your Himalayan pink salt slab or brick to high temperatures in the oven, on the braai, on the gas or in a dry pan. Sear thinly sliced meats, fish, vegetables, seafood and other quick-cooking foods (see recipes videos in youtube!). Or, chill it for use in serving sushi, appetizers, cold meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even cold desserts. 

Himalayan pink salt blocks, bowls and bricks are harvested from deep within the ancient Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. There, they have remained protected from pollution and impurities for centuries, making this what many consider the purest, cleanest salt in the world. The salt is mined as large, meteor-like boulders and later sliced into slabs, blocks, bricks and plates as well as sculpted into bowls. 

Because Himalayan salt blocks are a natural product, the threshold for high temperatures and pressure may vary, as will the physical characteristics and inclusions which give your salt slab a one-of-a-kind appearance. You'll find that Himalayan salt slabs, plates, and bricks make for an intriguing presentation of both hot and cold foods for your home, restaurant, spa or catering facility. All of our products are Gourmet Food Grade and the very highest quality Himalayan salt available. 

Heating and Cleaning instructions included.