Nieu Bethesda Owls

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Do you know about the beautiful town of Nieu Bethesda ?

Recently Salty Sistas bumped into Marius, a passionate supporter of the arts. Him and his partner have undertaken to support the local community by helping them distribute and sell their beautiful crafts, inspired by the legendary Owl House. 🦉

It has always been a dream of mine to visit the Owl House , now a museum and tourist attraction, created by late artist Helen Martin.

When the opportunity presented itself to combine these beautiful creations, made by the impoverished community, into beautiful lamps to add a little light to your life, we jumped at it!

Our @saltysistas team and Marius are about to roll out our first owl lamps available to you from our Parklands depot, along with other little ( and big ) owls to add to your collections. Made from beautiful glass and cement , from the side of the road under their wood and plastic structures.... let’s help these owls find new homes and In turn give dignity to the hands that have made them.

Purchase them HERE 

Find out about this legendary tourist attraction on this link below.



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