How to tell if your Himalayan Salt Lamp is Real or Fake...

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Does your Himalayan Salt Lamp attract moisture?

Himalayan Lamps are naturally Hygroscopic and attracts moisture. What you will notice with a real Himalayan salt lamp is it crying or leaking, it’s supposed to do this. If your salt lamp doesn’t do this it’s probably fake. This is exactly the reason we place the '15watt pygmy oven globes' inside of the lamps, to keep them warm and help protect them against weeping.

Check that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is producing a soft glow.

Himalayan Salt Lamps will glow anywhere from a light (almost white) pink to a dark amber orange because of the diverse types of minerals. The colours throughout the lamp will emit a muted irregular light. If your Himalayan salt lamp is way too bright this is one of the top indicators that the salt lamp could very well be fake. 

My Himalayan Salt Lamp has a crack in it!

Real and authentic Himalayan salt lamps are all uniquely carved from a Natural salt rock and it is bound to have cracks and lines in it. It is fragile, delicate and yes, they often break during transport.

Can I see a certificate of origin?

Your supplier should be able to produce a certificate of origin on request that should allow you to trace the product all the way back to its source.

A 'Cheaper' White Himalayan Salt Lamp...nah...

Himalayan Salt Lamps DO also come in a very rare white and are generally more expensive of the more well known pink/orange ones. A true and authentic White Himalayan salt lamp will definitely not be a cheaper option than a pink one so with that said... it could be a fake one.

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