Are the spices in your cupboard harming your family?

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What’s the big deal about MSG? And why are health fanatics up in arms about irradiated foods? When you found out that your grocery cupboard is full of harmful food, you probably got quite disturbed. Want to know more? If you haven’t read up on this topic, here’s the gist of it.

MSG is an excitotoxin that causes irreparable damage to your brain. This chemical can be found in fast foods, tin food, condiments and many of the spice mixes found in shops.

Radiating any kind of food is a requirement for imports and prolonged preservation. Authorities claim that this is to kill any harmful bacteria that were inadvertently brought over with the product. However, what they don’t tell you is that radiating food significantly lowers the nutritional value. In short, you’re eating food that is nutritionally ‘dead’.

Spices contain a myriad of beneficial properties that your body NEEDS! If these minerals are being destroyed by radiation, you can be sure that you will suffer deficiencies. These deficiencies can lead to disease, malnutrition, weight gain, and even cancer.

Why Authentic Spice Thyme?

You already know that popular spice brands are providing spices with virtually no nutritional value. Many of the spice mixes you buy in shops contain a harmful substance called MSG (Monosodium Glutamate - E 621). Even those that don’t contain spices and herbs that are irradiated—leaving them nutritionally ‘dead’.  

Our mission... to provide you with REAL spices that have not been tampered with. When you see the word ‘authentic’, we want you to know that our spices:

-Are GMO free

-Are Non-irradiated

-Banting spice

-Contain Himalayan salt as opposed to iodated table salt

-Have not been mixed with flavour enhancers or additives

Packaged spice blends from Authentic Spice Thyme have been creatively mixed to compliment your food. More importantly, these spices have retained their nutritional superiority and will not harm your family. 


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