Sodium, Minerals and Trace Elements...What's the big deal anyways?

Posted by Liezel Maree on

Himalayan Salt contains 84 Minerals and Trace Elements... 

Perfectly preserved from an ancient ocean over 250 years ago, with no pollutants, Himalayan salt provides you with a pure, perfect collection of minerals. 

According to scientific research humans require a minimum 62 + minerals, vitamins, & trace elements.

People who don't get these nutrients will become victim of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or heart attack, or other serious and debilitating illness such as arthritis, mental disease, or alzheimers.

There are currently about 20 of these minerals remaining in the soil today, and the oceans have about 38 minerals. Compare to the mineral rich Himalayan salt, there aren't any food products coming close to its incredible mineral content.


Why do we need Sodium

Without Sodium, your body cannot transport minerals. Minerals are absolutely essential for your body's cells to communicate properly. A lack of sodium can cause cramps and neurological problems. If you're experiencing cramps or muscular dysfunction it could simply be you are lacking the essential sodium.


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